What I Use To Make My Social Media Images and Video

Creating media is extremely important for businesses today. For websites, print, and social media. I love finding out what other people use to make their images and video. I have gotten a few requests for what I use, so glad to share! So, let's take a look in my locker!

My Smartphone

I have an iPhone 6s Plus. Went with the Plus over the regular 6s because I wanted the image and video stabilization that the Plus offers. And it is well worth it! Size of smartphone is fine. Got used to it quickly. Recording in 60 fps, slo-mo, and live photos add lots of options for things I can do with with my media. 

Truly, my iPhone was and still is my go to device to capture media. So I spent a lot of time focusing on which one I wanted. It is my main/only device for capturing video, short of using a webcam here and there. But webcams can be frustrating, so use the iPhone more. 



I did take a step away from my smartphone world recently and get a Canon Rebel t5. I did some talking with some serious photographers, and I could not justify the cost of buying a more expensive camera. I am even just using the stock 18-55mm lens!

I do plan to change and upgrade on the lens situation in the future. Have plans for what I am calling my universal lens, 18-270mm. I should not ever need one that zooms more than that, nobody should. And I also want to get a wide angle lens, get a external mic for the camera, and boom, upgraded my video capturing.



I love apps. Download, try, and then either keep or dump lots every week. I have a few favorites though. First is Adobe Post. This has become my main app for social images where I add content to it, text, shapes, etc. Big plus, syncs all your creations with the web based version. So, I make something on the go, access it later on my laptop. Which is great because most of my media is on my iPhone! Or make an image on the laptop and post it easily on Instagram via app.

Also, the Adobe Voice app is frequently used, more on the website than mobile app. But great for sharing video easily. If you are a video noob, this is a good one to dip your toes into the water.

I use a bunch of apps for gifs. Made a video on YouTube about them. Go watch it!

I use a combination of Photoshop Express & Darkroom apps for my editing on the go. First, I don’t do editing on my photos a lot. I like using them as I have taken them. Maybe if I had a million or so followers I might care a little more. But life isn’t perfect and it is weird to me when media is.


My Laptop

I have a MacBook Pro Retina 13’’. This thing is powerful & light. I can easily take it with me and do what I need to. When I need a bigger screen, connect to a monitor. This is usually for video editing. But I have been doing more and more with just the 13’’.

Real quick about the software. I use Adobe CC, mainly for Photoshop, Audition, & Premiere Pro. For all of you, get software that will let you create and edit closed captions. This is not optional, it is a lot of work, but not optional.



Plain and simple, I use the one in my Apple earbuds. Probably should upgrade and get something better and be more professional, but naw! Hard to justify the costs when I got something that works great.


So, there it is. One of the keys I have learned is to keep searching and updating. I hope you might have learned a little something from this. Or got some tips on tech or apps to try.