The people are what makes Sioux Falls a great city

When I talk to people not from South Dakota or near this area, one of the topics that always comes up is what is the appeal of living here. Why Sioux Falls and not California, the East Coast, or anywhere generally considered to have a warm climate? Or even, why not Omaha, Minneapolis, or Kansas City?

Well, I usually have a decent list of responses, from family to having a growing city. And it is always fun to toss in there that we have waterfalls and river kayaking in our city. 

But there is another reason why I live here. And I now have another excellent example to show off. It is the people of Sioux Falls that make it a great place to live. People that work together for causes, do things because they need to be done, and do good things.

This recent example is the work that Wes Eisenhauer and many others did on the rooftop of their building. They are pretty close to our airport, so as people are flying in and look out the windows of the airplane they can see their building. And the thought was, why not put some artwork on the roof for people to see on their way in.

Ok, at this point, you might be saying eh, what is the big deal? But what they put on the roof is the big deal. Many businesses would have put their logo or an advertisement. Artists and other creatives might have put a cool design, but which ultimately is trying to provide them attention.

What this group did was paint ‘Welcome to Sioux Falls’ on the roof. A nice, friendly greeting to all that are arriving.

This is what makes people here wonderful. Of all the things they could have shared to people coming to our city, and believe me, it is OUR city. They said hello. I can not think of anything better to have put there.

I hope you all get a chance to see it in person, flying in to our city to spend some time with us. We would love to have you here.

Now, you might be getting a little defensive about where you live right now. Thinking about all the cool things people do there. Think about them. Don’t get defensive, get creative. And think about how the people where you live could do something welcoming, open, and honest with people visiting. It doesn’t always take a city organization to do something. Just a group of people with an idea.