7 Tips to Make a Facebook Live Video People Will Watch

If you have checked your Facebook newsfeed lately you will have seen a steady increase in the amount of live videos being shown. And it is becoming too much content for people to consume. So how do you get them to consume your video when there is a sea of video around them?

First, decide if what you need to share really should be a live video or would it be better suited to be a video that you record edit and upload to Facebook instead. Just because you can make it a live video doesn't mean you should, and the quality of the video might not be where it needs to be to actually get value out of it. 

After all, uploaded video has some distinct advantages that live video does not. Mainly the ability to use captions. And this is important for two reasons. The first being that Facebook makes captions part of the searchable content that people are looking to see. And secondly, 85% of video in Facebook has no audio turned on by the viewer. The captions will show what you're talking about so even if they have no sound turned on they can still see what you're talking about. 

Uploading a video also allows you to edit and get rid wasted content that shows up during live videos. It is tough to keep people’s attention, and if you are having a lot of dead time on live video people will just turn away. So many live videos I have seen are just being thinking or waiting for something to happen. Why do that?

Ok, so you still want to make a live video in Facebook.

Follow these tips to make it standout.

Number 1 Capture Their Attention
Show something or do something in the first 3 seconds to draw in people’s attention. This is harder than it sounds. And you are not doing this to get your live viewers to stay, you are doing this to get people that are going to watch later to stay. If you have a prop or some interesting to point the camera at, do it!

Number 2 Headline Description
Be engaging with how you describe your live video. Think headlines! You can always go back and edit the description later after your live video is done. Why on earth would someone want to watch when your description is, “Just hanging out.”. Only a few people can do this and get a lot of people to watch.

Number 3 Edit Your Description
Edit your description after you are done being live. Put more detail in what the video is about. It will draw in more viewers.

Number 4 Keep Your Video Short
I know you might have a desire to record for a long time. Don’t. Keep the video short and to the point. Don’t waste people’s time. If you video is going on past 5 minutes, unless you have a really engaged group watching, stop it right away. How long people are watching your video effects the algorithm for it showing in people’s feeds.

Number 5 Be Prepared
Regarding that last point, be prepared! Have a plan for your live video. If you are going to be talking with someone during the live video, discuss what is going to be happening before you go live.

Number 6 Remove Bad Live Videos
Don’t be afraid to delete your live video recording from your Page. There is something to be said about keeping your content, but truly bad content does not help you.

Number 7 Remember to Provide Value
And most importantly. Do something interesting, unique, educational, etc. Basically make sure that you are making a live video of something that will hopefully provide value to your audience.