5 Strategies to use with Facebook Pages as a Realtor You Haven't Thought Of

So many articles with lists on using Facebook list number 1 as make sure you are using a Facebook Page. This is not that list. This list has 5 awesome things you can do with Facebook to increase your reach and engagement on Facebook, and probably make more money too.

Number 1: Use Live streaming to give a tour of a house and answer questions as you go

To me this is a no brainer. Looking at pictures of a house online is quite annoying, and those supposed 360 tools on websites suck. With Facebook Live, you can give your clients a direct look into a house they might be interested in. And they can ask you questions right then and get an answer. Then follow up with questions or comments made by people that watch the video later.

I know Facebook is working to get its own 360 feature running. Right now, probably not feasible for the common person. Maybe in a 6 months to a year.

Number 2: Become your region's expert in getting a house ready to sell by creating content

Start making a list of all the questions you get asked by people when they are working with you to get their house listed. Now, started making videos and articles over each one. Make sure you share those articles on your Facebook Page. Depending on how well developed your Page’s audience is will depend on how easy it is to reach who you want with an ad.

Number 3: Use a Facebook Group to provide inside info to your clients

Invite your clients to get great tips and info before others. And the group will also provide an area for them to chat and share with each other! Send out the invitation regularly so those that missed out on the opportunity will join, and people looking at your content will want to join in as well.

Number 4: Connect with painters, handymen, & cleaning companies to give your clients advice and deals on services

This one is a little more difficult but can add lots of value to your clients. Working with other industries to provide better overall service is a win for everyone involved. Cross-post things they share to your Page to keep the ties strong.

Number 5: Put your Facebook & Facebook Messenger on your signs for people to contact you with questions

Facebook makes this so easy now. Go to your Facebook Page’s Messages area. There is an image you can download that has your Page’s profile image surrounded by some lines. When someone using Facebook Messenger points the camera at it, that are taken directly to an area to send you a message!

No more setting up all those QR codes and using frustrating website tools. People would prefer to ask you a question and get an answer anyway. Why put barriers in the way?

I hope these strategies will provide you lots of benefits on your Facebook Page. Get to it!