What is a Video View Worth?


Video is the hot thing right now, has been for a little while, will be for some time in the future. Which is great, but trying to use video more and getting value from it is quite difficult.

I do not care how much it costs for you to produce the video.

I do not care how much it costs in ads to get the video in front of eyeballs.

What I care about is the impact of the video.

What I care about is the follow through after the video.

The Internet is filled with viral videos. Every single day there are videos that get thousands, millions of views. But without a call to action, without something to do, what is the point?

For brands and businesses that need to stand out from the crowd, when you do get a video that turns out well and gets lots of traction, you need to capitalize on it. And you can't wait until after the video does well to do this.

Always plan like each video is going to be a smashing hit. Carefully craft a call to action and build a funnel to have people spend more time with you and buy stuff from you or hire your service! 

And if you don't do a call to action, you better be building an audience for a retargeting ad to encourage them to buy/sign up for something. Otherwise, what are you doing on social media for?