It Is A Wonderful Day, Canva's App Is Here!

New apps are released all the time, and I do not post reviews on most of them. Why? Because they add little value to my daily life, either for work or pleasure. I believe that Canva's iOS app is going to be a part of my regular app use. So, I hope you all give it a chance to see if it will do the same for you.

Info about Canva app here

To start off, if you are a regular user, unless you are curious about some of my thought and usage, download it now. And it this is one of the things that I enjoy about the Canva app. Your account is synced between web and app. Each adding the value that their particular platform brings. I can make content on the go, access it on the computer when doing more to do; or create on my computer and access it on the go! 

I think it is important to show my typical process for capturing, editing, and sharing content. And how the Canva app now plays an important role.

I usually take my photos with either my iPhone or my Canon DSLR. And 99% of the time I import the photos from the Canon to my iPhone with a usb adapter. So, basically my iPhone is my storage place for photos.

Opening up the Canva app I am greeted by my previously made designs. Not all of them, just the ones that are template sizes available on the app. So, say I go to pick a new Facebook image post. Then choose the layout for the Facebook image. All of the layouts are wonderful examples that will at the very least often spark an idea.

After selecting my layout, I am now editing. First thing I do is replace the image with one of my own. There is a selection of filters and advanced settings on the image. I am already fans of the Festive and Summer filters. 

It is important to note that you can only insert one image. On the Canva website you can insert as many as you want. Which as a regular Canva user, is frustrating. But this is quite standard across most mobile apps I use. I just use the Layout app to include multiple photos for a post.

Then I can change the text, inserting your own from scratch or using some of their already designed phrases. You can edit the text as you want, but sometimes it is nice to have a starting point. And you can insert multiple text boxes, which is a familiar feature to Canva people.

The Canva app also has a selection of what they call Elements. Which are a collection of shapes, lines, and stamps that can be applied to your image. There is quite a selection and after you are accustomed to what is available, you add use them to add impact to your image.

And because this is Canva, you can add Pages. Basically letting you creating multiple images connected to each other in one file. They can be shared individually, but are grouped together. So you can duplicate the layout as you have it, then edit the text and image to suit your needs. Keeping it cohesive. This is quite useful.

Then you are ready to do one of two things. Share you image(s) on social media and email, or get to it on the computer and do more editing. I have already used the Canva app to create a wonderful centerpiece image and built the rest of the social campaign off of it with the Magic Resize feature. This is only available for Canva for Work subscribers. 

So, there you have it. You definitely need to download the Canva app and give it a go. Have a great time! In case you missed it, here is the link

Part 2 to my review is coming as I go on the road to the Black Hills of South Dakota. I am going to see just how user friendly this app is for creating sharable content on the go. This part of the review will be a video review, so stay tuned!